hike on maui


Hiking is an incredible way to see Maui. There are so many places on Maui that can be explored on foot alone. If you are the kind of adventurer that is interested in hiking the backcountry of Maui, with virgin waterfalls, remote wilderness hiking trails and the quiet meditative setting of nature, join GO HIKING MAUI on a hike where you get to experience, photograph and enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Maui. Our selected hiking trails are from gentle to adventurous and provide a perspective of the island few see.

Hiking in Maui is quite an experience because of the lushness of color and variety of tropical plants. You will hike along paths dotted with brilliant flowers of every hue, deep in the forest, with giant palms that fan out into unique patterns. Imagine the beautiful bird song as the sunlight filters through foliage as you hike your way to a waterfall. Cool off under a Maui waterfall. Splash through a river.

Choose from a variety of hiking tours that fits every difficulty level and has something for everyone. Our guided hikes take you into some of the most beautiful corners of Maui. Our hiking guides will give you an understanding of the island, and its people, by sharing their knowledge of Maui history, folklore, and of course the geology and natural aspects of the island as you hike through our Maui paradise.